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Refer to the map of Hakodate
Refer to the map of Hakodate
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How to Enjoy Hanabishi Hotel
How to Enjoy Hanabishi Hotel-Good location and good access- Hanabishi Hotel is located in the Yunokawa Hot Spring area in Hakodate, which is an exotic and historic town rich in seafood.
Please be healed by completely Japanese garden taking on a color from season to season.
Enjoy taking different bathes and having Japanese course dinner which is composed of fresh seafood and local materials in season.

1-16-18 Yunokawacho Hakodateshi Hokkaido Japan 〒042-0932 TEL / 81-138-57-0131 FAX / 81-138-57-2272
Check-in 15:00 / check out 10:00

AccessParking lot 100 cars (free)
20minutes' drive from Hakodate Station   /   10minues' drive from Hakodate Airport
Credit card
VISA / JCB / American Express / Diner's Club / UC / DC / NICOS / UFJ Card / Master Card / Saison / AEON / JACCS / JTB / Debit Card

Japanese rooms are filled with the freshness of straw mats and warmth of paper sliding door.
We want you to taste time-honored Japanese atmosphere.
Our hotel consists of three types of wings with 131rooms.
We offer the rooms according to the number of the persons and your hope.

Suite room
Suite room
Suite room
This room ,which is 85㎡, is composed of a living room, a Japanese style room and a bed room.
It has a spacious Japanese garden on a balcony.
The room with an open air hot spring
The room with an open air hot spring
The room with an open air hot spring
The hot spring water with the same ingredient as our public bath is pumped to the private bath in the guest room. Please enjoy a luxurious bath time to yourself in the private spacious bath.
Japanese Western room
Japanese Western room
Please go through the heart of a Japanese traveler in an ample room.
The rooms in Suehirotei are little different in level and user-friendly.
Japanese room
Japanese room
There are two types of room, 10 tatamis' room and 12.5 tatamis' room.
We recommend these rooms for those who hope for the standard type of room.

Our public open air hot spring is full of rustic atmosphere surrounded by fragrant trees.
Please relish the true pleasure of hot spring with relief.

[1st floor bath] Men's public bath "Hishinoyu"
[1st floor bath] Women's public bath "Hananoyu"

Bath time 15:00~25:00 / 5:00~10:00
Sauna / in the public bath on the 1st floor (around 90℃) 15:00~23:00
Equipment shampoo / rinse / body soup / dryer / cosmetics

We equip three types of shampoos, rinses and body soups which has different ingredients.
Furthermore, we provide several basic cosmetics in the women's powder room.

The water is transparent and colorless.
The hot water warms you to the marrow and relax your body and soul.
The light streams through stained glass and flickers on the water, which makes you feel exotic mood.

[7th floor bath] Men's public bath "
Gagyu no yu Hokuto"
[7th floor bath] Women's public bath "
Gagyu no yu Amanogawa"

We boast of our Japanese course dinner whose materials are produced in the district.
Our chef prepare for fresh and beautiful dishes with their whole heart
Our chef's technique and hospitality in the dish will charm you!
We also prepare the special dish for those with some allergy in response to request.

Which do you prefer, grilled abalone or beef steak? You can choose the main dish to your taste.This course is filled with fresh seafood such as crab, raw fish, simmered fish caught nearby sea.
You can't enjoy these dishes anywhere but in the port city like Hakodate.
The menu for you two is different.

The time for you two cannot be replaced.
Twenty dishes fill up your dining table.
You'll eat up all the dishes.
Our breakfast buffet is rich in variety We serve buffet style breakfast which consits of Japanese, Western and Chinese dishes.
You can eat your favorite food as much as you like.

There are several facilities which make your stay more pleasing.
Please relieve your fatigue by reflexology, make your stay memorable at Karaoke and buy some souvenir for your friends.

Japanese restaurant "Hanamai."
The warmth of wood will make you enjoy dishes much more.
You can have dinner in this restaurant in some particular plans.
Tea lounge" Suzuran"
Business hours 7:00-22:00
Souvenir shop "Hamanasu"
Business hours
7:30-10:00 / 16:00-22:00
Karaoke "VIP"
Business hours
Night Club "Rose"
Business hours
Ramen noodle shop "Ezochaya"
Business hours
20:00-23:30 ( irregular holiday)
Business hours
open around clock
machine game corner
Business hours
7:00-10:00 / 16:00-22:00
bridal reception
Business hours
Photo wedding
Bridal Photo Shooting Tour in HakodateWhen you expect your wedding photography to be the very best,

we suggest getting wedding photos in Hakodate ,a calm port city with history and romance.

Hakodate will be the best stage for your wedding photo.

We'll arrange rental dresses, a photographer, a makeup artist,the transportation to and from the shooting spots and so on.
Hanabishi Hotel1-16-18 Yunokawacho Hakodateshi Hokkaido Japan 〒042-0932
TEL +81-138-57-0131  FAX +81-138-57-2272
From Hakodate AirportBy taxi :about 10minabout 1,000yen
By bus :about 10min 220yen + 10 minutes' walk
From Hakodate StationBy taxi :about 15minabout 2,000yen
By tram : about 30min 240 yen + 2 minutes' walk
From Hakodate Ferry terminalBy taxi : about 30min about 3000yen
From SapporoBy car :about 5hrs
By train : about 3.5hrs
By air : about 45min
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Night view from Mt.Hakodate
You can't miss the night view from Hakodate Mt. , which is one of the most beautiful night views in the world along with Hong Kong and Naples.
There is a convenient bus service which makes a round trip to the top of Mt.Hakodate including a cable car service.
Trappistine Convent
This is a Catholic convent. The existing church building was built in 1927, featuring the mix of the Gothic and Romanesque styles, such as the brick exterior and the semicircular-arched windows.
Goryokaku Tower
This tower is 107 m high and its observatory decks command the entire view of Goryokaku Park. You can not only see the beautiful star-shaped fort but also Mt.Hakodate, Tsugaru Strait and the Yokotsu mountain range.
Bay Area
In 1859, the port of Hakodate was opened as one of the first international trading ports in Japan. In the Bay Area there are restaurants and souvenir stores flourishing, using the old buildings. You can enjoy strolling around the area.
Our motto is to give a close service to our guests' heart.
We give a warm welcome with smile and gratitude.
Please have a pleasant time at Hanabishi Hotel. Reservation Here